“Throne” [Tigrinya]
The Land of the Marozi
The Road To Ruin
Close Kin
Okal (brother)

Zufan is a lyonesse that appears in The Land of the Marozi. She was originally a part of Araawa's Pride.


Zufan is a lyonesse of deep bloody hues and pale leaf-green eyes. Even her tail tuft is red. Stones, pearls, and bits of bone are woven into the fur on her legs by strings which loop over her back, neck and tail. She wears of black mask of some substance that absorbs light.


Zufan is a trickster and somewhat ill mannered, using her magic to play cruel tricks on people then turning hostile when they feel and act rightfully transgressed. She isn't quite right in the head due to injuries suffered in cubhood, and her mood abruptly transitions from one emotion to the next, often without any stimulus. She is easily distracted and cannot hold on a single thought for any great length of time.


In The Land of the MaroziEdit

Himarta has a brief and frightful encounter with her in the caves, in which she uses her to make it appear as cave-in has occurred and a heavy, crushing weight has destroyed his hind leg. Okal steps in then, urging her to give up her tricks when Himarta seems intent on chewing his foot off, which she reluctantly does. She needles and coos at Himarta as he flees the caves.


Zufan has the ability to do Magic. Her magic seems to focus around Illusions.

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