"Golden" [Swahili]
Fall From Grace
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Msikilivu (mother)
Ehioze (brother)
Nomvula (forced mate [victim])[1]
Toroka (son)

Zarina was a potential love-interest for Usodai in a short story done for the Iron Lyons Universe. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Zarina is a pretty golden lyonesse with a blonde tail tuft, and purple eyes. A purple flower nestles itself behind one her ears, and she has bone piercings in the other. Zarina's fur is very curly -- particularly on her chest and cheeks. She has a swept back fringe on her head and her face is slightly angular.


Zarina is a carefree and merry creature, if incredibly vain. She is very aware of how pretty she is, and yet she does not impose it on other people. She is very tempestuous though, and attempts to use her wiles on Usodai multiple times, only to fail in each attempt. However, she is also very understanding and quite open-minded to the strange and unfamiliar in comparison to other lyons.


In Fall From Grace Edit

Zarina and second-born prince Usodai take a walk, and the lyonesse tries to seduce the prince. Usodai is unaware of it for most of the trip, however, for he is more interested in finding specimens and grass samples. Zarina begins to get frustrated, but when she slips and almost falls to her death, Usodai saves her and she develops a new appreciation for him.

Some time down the road, Zarina and Usodai again have an outing, in the form of a picnic in which Usodai admits feelings for golden lyonesse that she interprets as love. She is hesitant to accept at first, feeling it is too late and disdaining that she must marry a lesser stationed lyon she does not love, but an angry Usodai uses his rank and promises she will be no one's but his own. 

Later, after Usodai fills in for Risku once he falls deathly ill, Zarina confronts him over it, as this means that Usodai must marry the girl his older brother was slated too: Ayana. Zarina attacks him for it, for this condemns her to marrying Nomvula, a lyon she hates and will be miserable forever with. But, she doesn't seek to be miserable alone and gives Usodai one last fiery kiss. Not to bid him farewell, but to remind him what he could've and never will have.