Zamain's are Tasmanian Devils in the Iron Lyons Universe.


In RealityEdit

Native to Australia, the Tasmanian Devil was the largest carnivorous marsupial on the continent following the extinction of the Thylacine. The size of a small dog, it is known for it's ferocity and pungent odor. They are stocky and strong, even for their size, and have the largest bite force per mass of any land predator. It's bite is strong enough to tear meat, crush bone, and shear through metal wires even. It hunts and scavenges, and in the event humans live nearby, it will eat household products. Devils will even eat other devils, shoulder they come across them hungry.

Physically, the Devil is a small, stout creature colored mostly in shades of black. A single white stripe will span the chest or rump (though some -- very few -- lack this) and it's tail will make up half of it's body length. Devils store fat in their tails, with the healthiest devils having the fattest tails. Males and marginally longer and heavier than females, as well as more aggressive. The longest lived devil was 8 years old, but devils rarely live to see 5 in the wild. They sexually mature at 2.

Smell and hearing are a Tasmanians dominant senses, both of which it uses in foraging and the detection of other devils. They hunt the best at night and thus aren't terribly active in the day.


At 2 two years of age, female devils will begin coming into heat once a year between spring and summer. Males will fight over females, with the female choosing the dominating male to sire her offspring. They are no monogamous creatures, with males and females mating with several of the opposite sex, although females can find obstruction in the "winning" male if they try to do this. Females can also be selective with mates and will fight off unwanted advances. Mating takes 5-8 days and males keep a close eye and grip on the female, lest she breed with another male.

Gestation last just 3 weeks, with a female birthing up to thirty young. Called "imps", they compete to get inside the pouch and latch onto one of just 4 nipples. This means the vast majority of young will die shortly after birth. Devils do most of their development inside their mothers pouches and after about three months, they are ejected from their pouches. They continue growing in the den and while most live to be weaned, only 2/5ths live to reach maturity.

In Iron LyonsEdit

Zamians have yet to appear in the Iron Lyons universe.

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