Yu Song's Pride Comingsoon
Residence Endia (Nomadic)
Composition Lyons, Tigrisians, Hound -- 2 Members, Formerly 16 (2 Deserters, 1 Former Member, 10 Deceased)
Current Leader Yu Song
Past Leaders None Known
Heir None

Yu Song's Pirates were a group of Lyonesses and Tigrisas that were featured in The Forges of Dawn.



The History of the group is unknown. However, their leader, Yu Song was captured prior to meeting Uhuru. Ming Huo was also formerly a part of the crew, but left to be a blacksmith.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

After Uhuru frees Yu Song, she and Tarute momentarily join his crew of lyonesses and tigrisas to get her friend, Lochan, healed. Tai Yang, barely subordinate to her mate and captain, butts heads with Uhuru despite her hounds menacing presence. The crew is mostly absent from either Yu Song or Uhuru's affairs, however some of them do die when Ming Huo reveals the danger that is Yu Song. Eila is the sole surviving member after Yu Song drowns them all while in pursuit of Uhuru's discarded fyre stone bracelet.


The Pirates likely do have a ranking system, but only two ranks -- that of Captain and Second -- have been revealed.

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