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Yǔ Sōng
Yu Song Smarmy
Yǔ Sōng
"Frost", "Patina of Ice" [Chinese]
Tigrisian (Maltese)
The Forges of Dawn
The Thousand Winters
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Close Kin
Shi Kuai (father)
Ling (mother)
Jiao Ju (half-sister)
Ming Huo (mate)
Tai Yang (mate)

Yǔ Sōng is a sub-antagonist in The Forges of Dawn, and the main antagonist in its sequel, The Thousand Winters. He was the leader of a crew of pirates.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Yu Song is a hard-used Maltese Tigrisian of some size-- his fur is grayish blue versus the typical oranges, reds, yellows, and whites his species usually have. His pelt is also unique in stripe pattern: although his head and forequarters are striped normally, his rear legs and tail are reveresed, giving the appearance of maltese stripes on a black background. He is missing his right eye and left ear, as well as some of his teeth (most notably his lower left canine).

Yu Song is a bit of a peacock where his accoutrements are concerned, and admits so himself. He covers his missing eye with a leather eyepatch. His armor is made of iron, and runs over his head and pelt like a second skin. The armor along his spine has sharp spikes and the helm is stylized to look as though it has teeth jutting off of the bottom. He also wears metal gauntlets with sharpened 'claws', much like the Pale Ones do. All throughout his armor, there are plumes of feathers, shading from reds and oranges on the body down to yellows on the tail.

At the book's end, he is in possession of the Uru's Fyre Stone Bracelet.


Yu Song is a perfect balance of ruthless and smooth, able to use oil slicked words to win others, even other Lyons, to his side and get what he wants out of them. However, be they "friend" or foe, he doesn't hesitate to kill and has no qualms with torture. He is a perceptive beast, conniving, and all-in-all very dangerous.


In SpellboundEdit

Yu Song is but a cub while his father tells him the heroic tale of the Golden Buccaneer. Hearing of the longevity of legends, even when they themselves have died, Yu Song forms his first desires to be a legend.

Whatever the cost.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Prior to Uru's arrival, Yu Song is captured by Endian authorities and thrown in jail, where he stays for an unspecified amount of time. He sparks up a verbal conflict with the red lyonesse, having taken interest in the Fyre stones she wears on her wrist. Betting that the lyon she cries for, Lochan, doesn't actually care for her, he assist her and Tarute somewhat when they make their escape.

Reunited with his crew, and adopting Uhuru, Tarute, and Lochan as members, the pirates head for Laksha Isles, where the badly injured Lochan is handed over to Modak, a bonechewer. Yu Song sends Uhuru and a crewmate, Navya, off to wander while he and his mate Tai Yang talk business -- namely, the fyre stones Uhuru carries. He explains their significance to her, and how they work, in no rush until Navya approaches them. The disfigured lyonesse alerts them of Uhuru's mutiny, and for failing to keep her in line, Tai Yang kills Navya. The two then attempt to impede Uhuru, Tarute, Ming Huo, and Modak. They manage to stop her, but not catch her. When Uhuru throws the stones into the ocean, Yu Song makes a dive for them.

While Uhuru, newly named Uru, heads for the Waste to get to the Pale Ones, Yu Song busies himself trying to get the fyre stones she discarded. After drowning all but one of his crew members, Eila, he finally acquires them, stating that now that they're in his grasp, his plans can truly be set in motion.

In The Thousand WintersEdit

Yu Song is set to be the main villian of the second book. His sister, Jiao Ju, is an antagonist along with him, though whether or not they are on the same side or not is unknown.