"Spread", "Propagate" [Changana]
Empires of Sand
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Almaz (mother)
Oku (father)
Sherehe (sister)
Abadán (brother)
Moswen (mate)
Risku (son)
Usodai (son)

Xinavane is the father of Usodai and Risku, as well as a ruler of old from the Sun Empire.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sickly and emactiated, Xinavane always looks like he is on death's doorstep. He is all over a pale gold, with darker blond mane, and green eyes. His nose is brown and his belly is a lighter gold than his main pelt, coloring the lower half of his toes. Xinavane's features are very angular, likely due to his sickness and genetics (since Usodai and Risku have similar angular features but are not sick).


Xinavane's personality has yet to be explored in depth, but from what is known thus far it can be said he is a reasonable ruler who cares for his people hence he has no problem giving his power to his wife, to the annoyance of the Council.


Before Empires of SandEdit

Xinavane was sired by an Empress and her Consort, along with a brother and sister who were presumably younger than him. Not much is known about his relationship with his siblings, but at an unknown point in his life he was betrothed to Moswen. Xinavane is afflicted with babesiosis and canine distemper shortly after marrying her, leaving him frail, weak, and all-in-all unfit to rule the empire. Which is why he eventually gives all his power to his mate, Moswen. Some members of the Council do not take to her, however, and as the royal couple's children come into early adulthood, they have her assassinated.

Empires of SandEdit

Absent from the actual story, Xinavane is only seen in flashbacks.

Other InformationEdit

  • Xinavane is afflicted with a combination of babesiosis (a parasitic ailment) and canine distemper. Alone, Babesiosis isn't fatal, and often has no symptoms, but the immuno-suppression associated with distemper makes the parasite dangerous -- sometimes fatal -- and is characterized by side-effects including malaria-like symptoms, anemia, physical weakness, fever, and anorexia. His family do not exhibit the same illness because Xinavane's issues stem from the mix of the two diseases. His wife and son may have Babesiosis (which is generally asymptomatic in healthy animals), but canine distemper only has a window of contagiousness, and apparently no one caught it during that time period.

Other RelationsEdit

Emperor of the Sun Empire