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Group Name Pale Ones
Composition Utan
Current Leader(s) None (Destroyed)
Past Leaders None Known
Heir None

Wulan's Crew is a sea-fairing group of Utans headed by the female Captain, Wulan and seconded by Bambang.



Sometime before the story, Wulan was able to acquire a rickety if functional ship and crew, where she becomes a fishing ape. During one trip out, near the tempest, she finds Uhuru and Tarute, mistaking the former as a drowned one of her kind and taking the Hound in out of curiosity.

She loses both of them to Lochan, however, and after telling the Empress Chetna about the ordeal goes sour, she and her crew are locked in the Endian Empire's dungeons. It is unknown what their fates were, but they were likely executed.


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