"Moon", "Month" [Javanese]
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
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Wulan is an Utan, and captain of the little ship and crew that pulls both Uhuru and Hound-Tarute out of the ocean.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wulan is a reddish ape, with the typical squat body and long arms. Her fur is done up in wild, threatening spikes around her face. She has two thick armbands, one more impressive than the other, and various other bracelets hanging loosely off of her. She has piercings in her ears and a loop of metal in her lip. She has strips of hide looped around her as well and carries a blade as a weapon.


Wulan is tough, ensuring all respect her, not wanting to be looked down on for her gender. She is greedy and opportunistic, seeing fortune and fame in the acquiring of Uhuru and her Hound, and doesn't like to be gainsaid, even by Bambang, whom she likes. Vengeful, she tries to get back at Prince Lochan for stealing away her prize, but while he does get punished for his crimes, so do she and Bambang.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Wulan is the captain of a Utan crew, and is presumably native to Endia. While out fishing, she and her apes find two souls floating in the water, believing the red furred one to be one of their own and unsure of the brown furred one. When they drag them aboard, the crew is at first horrified at houndified Tarute. Uhuru is not too interesting, until she speaks a language indicating she is from Afriik thus a priceless treasure. Ordering Bambang to feed and water the lyonesse, Wulan looks forward to the fame and fortune she will gain by bringing in her prize.

After dealing with Slamet, she sends a young member of her crew to fetch the royal lyon Lochan and he takes her prize to verify it. Weeks pass and Wulan, have interpreted this as stealing, reports them to the authorities. He is arrested, but they are bundled along with him. Wulan is last seen in the dungeons of the Empire with her crew.

E. M. Kinsey says she and her second were likely imprisoned or killed.[1]