"Direct/Order/Charge, Especially Of A Solemn/Serious/Weighty Command" [Swahili]
The Forges of Dawn
Living History
Close Kin
Unnamed Mate
Sahibu (son)

Wosia is the Leader of Mjane's pride, and the mother of Sahibu. She is already old by the time she first appears.


The pride is described as raggedy; presumably this includes Wosia[1]. Her face is said to be made up of hard planes and lines, and her eyes are described as grey and frigid.[2]


Wosia is a very cold, stoic lioness who displays little emotion, even at the death of her son and even upon finding his badly mangled body. She is a warrior before all else, though the book lightly hints it may not have always been this way, and that she had a soft spot for her son, later, her grandson. Despite being old, she is domineering, not hesitating to knock dissenters from her pride off their paws or kill anyone who gainsays her.


The Forges of DawnEdit

As The Pale Ones root out their pride in pursuit of Mjane, Wosia and the rest of their lyonesse keep a low profile, blending in with the earth by muddying and dirtying up their pelts. They emerge when the Pale Ones and their hounds leave, Wosia approaching Mjane to inspect her grandson. Remarking that it is fitting she bear a son, to replace the one she costs her, she approves of the cub and promises to raise him Mjane's stead when the red lyonesse decides to give herself over to the Pale Ones.

She takes her grandson, Segolo, and the pair disappear into the dusk.

Living HistoryEdit

Shortly after Mjane falls to the Pale Ones, Wosia circles back and finds the rent pieces of her son, torn apart by hound jaws. Ignoring the horror as best she could, she takes the Fyre Stones off his arm and the pride melts back into the darkness. Later, when Segolo is older and a curious, energetic cub, she tells him the tale of his parents, the White Lord and Black Emperor, and the importance of keeping the fyre stones safe. Then, she teaches her grandson how to use them, if a day came that he had to.


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