Worotha's Farm Comingsoon
Residence Central Afriik
Composition Lyons
Current Leader Takato
Past Leaders Worotha
Heir Olutubi

Worotha's Pride (now Takato's Pride) is a land holding within the realm of the Pale Ones' holdings where Worotha and his family of farmers live and work.



Worotha's Family are a group of farm-oriented lyons who grow plants and raise livestock for slaughter, both for themselves and the Pale Lords and higher ups. They are a prosperous and generally hard-working people. Led by the Patriarch Worotha, Kikore and Oringo were set as heirs to the farm, as Worotha wanted a male child to succeed him and not a female, but with the former's defection and the latter's death, Takato get the lands as the eldest of her father's children.


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