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Character Sheet
Mending The Broken
Close Kin
Sibajene (mate)
Tadj (mate)
Nzala (mate)
Kitoko (mate)
Takato (daughter)
Piipi (daughter)
Lemlem (daughter)
Palesa (daughter)
Kikore (son)
Oringo (son)
Sheshe (daughter)
Djai (daughter)

Worotha is a Pale One and the patriarch of their "tribe" within the Pale One holdings.


He is near identical to his son Kikore in pelt color, though his mane has more ashen tones to it than brown. His eyes are also pale green and he is more filled out around the face, even as his cheekbones are still prominent. His muzzle coloring does not reach his lower jaw, much like the Snow Falls lyons of old.


Worotha is more on the serious side and easily exasperated. He doesn't talk much, is somewhat selfish, but protective of what he and his family has managed to amass as well as that family itself.



Worotha is the patriarch of the little 'tribe' of a family pride that Kikore comes from, and he shares that position with no other adult male. He comes from a prosperous family of herds-Lyons and owns a great deal of land (and thus influence), which means he has his pick of the Lyonesses and is never short for attention from them. However, like most Lyons of the time, he is obsessed with getting a son to be his 'heir' to all that land and power, and won't choose a girl for the role unless absolutely forced to do so. This is why he ends up with so many mates and children -- Worotha wants a male.

He tends to have high expectations for his sons and is disappointed when they of course are individuals and not quite what he dreamed. Mostly he has a very 'put upon' way of interacting with the world and sighs quite a lot. Later on, he has a falling out with Kikore over issues of marriage and who is or who is not suitable for mating, and it makes the whole thing worse that he was right about the female in question. Thus, he and his elder son don't talk much except through intermediaries for a good long time, and only acknowledge each other if forced to share the same space, generally during family get-togethers and holidays.

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