The Pale Ones Comingsoon
Composition Lyons
Current Leader Unknown
Past Leaders
Founder Unknown

Duke Tanduia & Duchess Unknown
Duke Hifadhi & Duchess Unknown, Unknown
Duke Bajuni & Duchess Kitikiri
Duke Nomvula & Duchess Zarina
Duke Toroka & Duchess Teule, Jibade

Heir None

A land of water and beaches, Wild Shores was once an independent land, but like Green Ridges and Snow Falls, it was conquered by the main body of the Sun Empire, Golden Plains.



When it was founded and by whom is unknown, but the last surviving natives of it's royal line can be found in "Prince" Kiros, Lady Aola and their daughter Moswen. By marrying Moswen to Xinavane, the line is effectively absorbed into the Sun Empire and extinct.

General Populace AppearanceEdit

Wild Shore Lyons tend to be pale creams and golds. They have been shown to have brown noses, somewhat angular faces, and sport eyes or blue and orange.

Notable Wild ShoriansEdit

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