"Wind" [Sanskrit]
Utan (to Utan worshipers)
Lyon (to Lyon worshipers)
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Marut (brother)
Anila (sister)
Ira (sister)

Vayu is the great northern wind spirit worshipped in Endian religion.


Utan SectsEdit

In Utan sects, he is large and often very obese, with large cheekpads and long fur, and always holds a wooden cup which supplicants for his favor fill with what they feel he would most like.

Lyon SectsEdit

Lyons depict him as a reddish and muscular cat, with a spiky mane that blows ever forward, and whose roar is said to shake the heavens. The legendary white lyon Tšatši from the Afriik pantheon is often combined with Vayu, though he retains his red fur in the eyes of most believers. Many scholars chalk this up to his mythos mixing with Araawa's, a lyonesse who did have red fur.


Vayu is associated with good luck, glory, and honor, although in his negative aspects, he can be lazy and filled with greed. Captain Wulan gives him tribute as they sail the seas. He is mentioned again in a panic by Modak as their party crosses The Waste.

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