Species Name Utan
Average Height 4'+ at Shoulder (Male)
3'+ at Shoulder (Female)
Average Weight 162 pounds (Males)
82 pounds (Females)
Lifespan 50+ Years
Diet Fruits
Sentient? Yes
Familiar Name Orangutan

Utans are the evolved form of Orangutans in the Iron Lyons universe. They originate from Osterial.



Utans are primates, related to the Hairless Ape, Impa'zi, Goras and (more distantly) Rill and Raboon, with long, six foot arms and reddish fur, more on the orange side of things versus true, blood red. The face pads tend to be bigger on males, and more attractive when they are.


Utans come from the Utan Home Isles, often migrating from that place and returning there once they've made themselves rich and famous in the worlds beyond. The social order is fluid, based almost purely on the acts and feats tied to an individuals (or individuals) name. There is no real ruling order. Life there is slow and lands are taken care of of by up and coming Utans working to build themselves higher. The Kontari currently threaten this relative peace.

In RealityEdit

Organtugans (or Orantuangs) are one of the species of Asian Great Apes. They are the most arboreal of the apes, spending significant amounts of their lives in the trees. There is significant sexual dimorphism between the species; dominant males are larger, standing over 4 feet with large cheek pads. Females and non-dominant males are near physically indistinguishable, standing just over 3 feet. They live mostly on fruit, but will eat meat if it's available, insects, and even bird eggs if they find them.

Notable UtansEdit

  • Wulan is a ship captain, one of the very rare female ship captains.
  • Bambang is Wulan's first mate.
  • Dwi is a borderline insubordinate young Utan a part of Wulan's screw.
  • Slamet is a fat and unhygienic Utan, who functions as the dockmaster of one of the docks in Endia.


  • Utan could have a similar pronunciation to Utahn, the demonym for people originating from Utah.