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Usodai is Jakada and Tiaret's father. He is only seen in flashbacks during the course of the graphic novel.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The second son of Xinavane is an oddity in that his mane is the same color as his pelt: a pale creamy gold, which parts down the middle and fringes off either sides of his head. His eyes are the same blue-grey of his mother, Moswen, and he has the same thin face and frame as both parents. He has a shell necklace.


Usodai is a sociopath. He has many difficulties understanding emotions, and has little to no empathy. Instead, he tries to apply logic and clinical analysis to personal interactions, which inevitably leads to serious misunderstandings in his dealings with others. Where he is empty in regards to most emotions, Usodai is very familiar with possessiveness and rage, showing both when Zarina despairs at having to marry a lyon she hates and again when she hits it home that, because of his actions, she'll never be his.



Usodai had a talent with medicines and was to be Yai's successor when it came to healing. Along with being with Zarina, it was the only place in his life where he felt anything close to joy or contentment. He enjoyed the logic and puzzles that come with healing and the job didn't require any alien elements he didn't understand, such as feelings and emotions.[1]

Before Empires of SandEdit

Fall From GraceEdit

A teenage Usodai goes on a walk with a pretty golden lyonesse called Zarina. All the while, she tries to get his attention by flaunting herself, but he is more interesting in collecting insects and other interesting specimen. While in pursuit of a crested rat, Zarina almost falls to her death, but Usodai saves her by the logic that there is only one of her, while there are many rats of which he can gather later.

She gets angry at him for a brief moment, and he does in return at her, but there is a moment of understanding between the golden Lyonesse and himself.

Later, an older Usodai takes Zarina out on a picnic as per Yai's instructions, deeply fascinated by the Lyonesse. He sacrifices some of his more interesting finds on their outing, based on rarity instead of delicacy, and learns from the lyonesse that her father has set her up to marry another just as he proposes to her. A lance of possessiveness spears through the prince however, and he angrily claims he will have this marriage broken at his father's request -- he has the power to do so. Zarina inquires if it love that inspires him so, and while he doesn't use the word, what he says is close enough for her. Just before things get intimate, a guard appears before the two and informs Usodai that Moswen has been assassinated.

Usodai, during his mother's funeral, begins to look at the entire Sun Empire council with suspicious eyes. Laoratu, Caimile, and Trhaas are the two prime suspects, but he doesn't rule the other four out. As the months roll past however, Risku has the case closed, unwilling to have anyone wrongly killed because of mere suspicion. Usodai rounds on him for this, angrily telling the crown prince that he'd seen who grieved and who did not on Moswen's dying day. Risku, however, is simply disgusted that his brother dismissed Moswen's actual death. He calls his brother unfeeling and monstrous, like a lizard, and sends the younger male away.

On his own, with his brothers words turning about in his mind, Usodai comes to the conclusion it takes someone like him -- cold, ruthless, and unfeeling -- the truly rule. He makes plans to get rid of Risku.


This comic allows a glimpse into Usodai's mindset and some the actions he took as ruler. In particular, he executes a Lyonesse, much to Ayana's horror and objection. Slapping her aside, he commands Akida and another Lyon to reign death down upon her.

In Empires of SandEdit

Usodai is long dead, and Jakada, his son, rules after him. He does appear in flashbacks, however.


  • Unlike most lyons of the time, Usodai doesn't hold lyonesses in lesser esteem.[2]


Emperor of the Sun Empire