The Ujiti Pride Comingsoon
Residence Black Mountains
Composition Lyons
Current Leader Kondo
Past Leaders Unknown
Heir Unknown

The Ujiti Pride is one of the rival prides warring for dominance in The Land of the Marozi.



The Ujiti pride was one of the three prides living peacefully under the line of Kunya, before two sorcerers saw that the King was dead, thus breaking the line. Along with the Kigae Pride and Ukombe Pride, the Ujiti claim to have Royal blood in their pride thus they alone have the rights to the mountain.

Their leader, Kondo, had allied with Shindano for an unspecified amount of time and for an equally unspecified reason, but it all turns out to be a sham. The Ujiti pride turns on their ally, causing him to fall deathly Ill from injury-borne infection, and later attack Dukan's pride for control of the Mountains successfully.

Currently, they hold the Black Mountains.


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