Uhuru's Pride Comingsoon
Residence Northernmost Afriik
Composition Lyons, Raptors -- 10 Members, Formerly 17 (7 Deceased)
Current Leader Moyo (presumably)
Past Leaders Jabari and Kamaria (Founders, Deceased)

Hotio and Koto (Co-Rulers, Deceased)

Heir Moyo (possible eventual co-ruler with Aja)

Uhuru's Pride was one of the many refugee prides living in the Northernmost parts of Afriik, away from the influence and control of The Pale Ones. They lived far to the North, near the sea, where the Pale Ones were far less likely to search.


Uhuru's Pride, which has no official name, was founded some time after Kamaria fled an eventually-fatal arranged marriage between herself and a wife-killing male lyon called Husuda. She eventually meets up with Jabari, a rogue, falls for him and they found their pride with their two sons, Hotio and Koto, whilst on the run from Pale One scouts who never stopped looking for Kamaria. Some years late when their sons are adults, the Pale Ones begin searching for Kamaria, particularly their beast tamer Fuga, at the command of Kamaria's half-sister Kudisan. Jabari sacrifices himself so that his family can escape and the pride remains unfound for about fifteen years.

When a new beast tamer, Jezisa, finally does find them though, they are taken to The Black Mountains and thus begins the tale of Forges of Dawn.


Aside from the two leadership positions, Uhuru's Pride does not appear to have a rigidly defined ranking system.

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