Traditional Prides are average-sized groupings of Lyons.



Prides have been around since Lyons were lions, for hundreds of generations and thousands of years. In the time of the Old Ways, a lion would claim a harem of lionesses through whatever means then hold dominance over them for about three or four years, breeding cubs off of them all. Lionesses would hunt for food and the male would protect them and their cubs. Occasionally there would be several males, up to six, usually related in some way, guarding the pride.

A lone male would eventually be chased out by a younger, stronger rogue who would then erase his presence from the pride by killing any cubs too young to flee and fend for themselves. Lionesses were forced to accept the new male as their leader and it wasn't uncommon for him to force them to bare his children shortly after killing their previous ones.

After JyotisEdit

After Jyotis comes along and lions begin to listen and follow him, becoming lyons, the dynamic of a pride changes a bit. Males were more inclined to request to be a lyonesses mate than take her by force. Lyonesses could mate outside the pride to rogues and raise their rogue-born children within it, with little to no ire from the resident males. Males can stay with the pride as long as they earn their keep and get along with the Pride Leader.

Some things don't change, however, lyonesses still taking up the "sacred duty" as huntresses for the pride and lyons charged with protecting it from rogues. Prides are typically still headed by males, but some female led prides do exist.

A Pride Leader's children are somewhat more valuable than those of other members, particularly their daughters, and like in monarchical pride's, can be traded and gifted to other prides for alliances.

The greatest change, however, was the appearance of Empires and Kingdoms and the utilization of tools, armor, and herding techniques among some, more sophisticated prides.

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