Avg. Height 2'9"-3'6", 3'2" Avg (Both Sexes)
Avg. Weight 143 - 374 Pounds, 259 Avg (Female)
198 - 683 Pounds, 440 Avg. (Male)
Lifespan 50+ Years
Familiar Name Tiger, Tigress

Tigrisians are the evolved form of Tigers in the Iron Lyons universe. Once solitary creatures, they've gained an incentive to form up into groups and challenge the ruling Lyon families of Endia. A male Tigrisian is called a Tigris while a female is called a Tigrisa.

Tigrisians vs. TigersEdit

Presumably they have the same minute phenotypical differences the Lyons do -- dexterous dewclaws that allow things to be gripped and manipulated. Also, while Tigers are solitary creatures by nature, Tigrisians -- particularly after Yu Song's rise -- are known to band together in groups with the express purpose of taking down the Lyons.



A Maltese Tigrisian is a cat with blueish-grey fur. They have only been told about in the real world -- never actually seen.


Bengals are the most common of the striped cats and are native to India. Their stripes are black on a reddish yellow to light yellow background.


Bali tigers are extinct in reality, driven to this state by overhunting. Unique among tigers, the Bali had light spotting between it's stripes.


Javan tigers are a bit larger than Bali tigers, but both supspecies fall below the average height and weight for tigers. They had thin and numerous striping.


One of the smallest tigers, males stay between 200 and 300 pounds while females are even lighter, at 160 - 250 pounds. The Sumutran tiger, however, has the fullest 'mane' (or ruff) of the tigers and is the darkest of the species in terms of coat color, more ruddy and brownish reds.

Chinese (Indo/South)Edit

These tigers prefer forested or mountainous terrains. They are similar, very similar, to malayan tigers but differ genetically. They have small heads, with short, simple, single stripes on a tawny orange or rich orange pelt.


Siberians, also called Amur tigers, are a rusty red or rusty yellow breed. Their stripes are narrow and transverse, as well as black. Despite having shorter legs than other breeds, and a longer tail, the Siberian is just a few centimeters taller than the Bengal tiger.


Also called to Persian or Turan Tiger, Caspians are extinct in reality. They a bit smaller than Siberians, the heaviest on record being a 530 pound specimen. Stripes were narrow and full on a varied background. The winter coat was pale, but the summer coat was richer and shaggier.

Notable TigrisiansEdit

  • Yu Song -- a pirate and Maltese tiger who has his eyes set on the Lyons of Endia.
  • Ming Huo -- An Iron smith, and sister to Tai Yang who accompanies Uhuru on her campaign.
  • Tan Xian -- a famous pirate immortalized in song and legend. Called "The Golden Buccaneer".
  • Jie Fei -- another legend, called "the masked bandit".