Author E. M. Kinsey
Cover artist Wilhuna
Release Date Unknown
Protagonist Uru
Antagonist Yu Song
Other Characters Unknown
Concurrent Unknown
Preceded by The Forges of Dawn
Followed by Unknown

The Thousand Winters is the direct sequel to The Forges of Dawn, written by author E. M. Kinsey. It is expected to debut sometime around late 2016.


Uru, new lady of the Black Mountains and defeater of The Pale Ones, must deal with an old enemy from across the now-gone Waste and Tempest -- Captain Yu Song.



  • Uru, the main protagonist and Lady of the Black Mountains.
  • Tarute, the sub-protagonist and consort of Uru, the latest Red Queen.
  • Asta, mother of Uru.
  • Kikore, formerly a Pale One farmer, now an Ally of Uru's.
  • Moyo, the only surviving adult male from Kamaria's Bloodline.
  • Aja, Hotio's son and Uru's younger brother.
  • Oni, Uru's sister and lesser Red Queen.
  • Ming Huo, the Tigrisa that accompanied Uru in her campaign against the Pale Ones.
  • Yǔ Sōng, the sub-antagonist of The Forges of Dawn and the main antagonist of The Thousand Winters.


  • Xi, the Aunt of Yu Song and ally of Ling.
  • Ling, the mother of Yu Song and enemy of the Endian Empire.
  • Ishwar, the thought-dead prince of the Endian Empire.
  • Jiao Ji, the half-sister of Yu-Song, a half-Tigrisian cat of a currently unknown species.
  • Ari, the son of the late Vireka and a slave he fancied, Anagamia.
  • Kwaruza, the half-brother of the late Vireka and son of Okuthe.

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