The Tempest is an unnaturally powerful and never-ending storm that borders The Waste and surrounds the whole of Afriik. It destroys all life and ships that try to fight it's waves. Tarute and Uru are the only two known to have survived it. Even the Guardians won't go to near the water.



Tšatši inadvertently summoned the tempest alongside The Waste when he used the SunFyre to finally take down his brother. Seeing as the storm is the product of magical fallout, much like nuclear fallout, Mōbōr's magic is also present if in tracer amounts. The result is a storm that protects Afriik, like the white lyon wanted, but kills everything that comes close, like the black lyon wanted.[1]

When Tšatši and Mōbōr finally die, the tempest calms to a normal storm.



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