The Real Masked Bandit is a short story centered around Jie Fei, or as she is better known, the Masked Bandit.


Jie Fei, after stealing a Ruby Egg, makes a dangerous climb up a sheer cliff with her twin cubs Shi Kuai and Xi in a sling around her body. While she climbs, angry Panju chuck spears at her from below, trying to kill her and reclaim their stolen property. But she manages to get away, cursing and rolling her eyes at how the legend of her would make it seem easy. Eventually she comes upon the Great Wall, a generational construct of the Panju. She tries to be stealthy, but is spotted and dodges through as well as killing several Panju as she makes her way through their lands.

Eventually, after making a bunch of false trails, she loses her pursuers and settles down to rest, the Tigrisian Homelands not far.

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