Author E. M. Kinsey
Cover artist None
Release Date Unknown
Pages TBA
Protagonist Himarta
Antagonist Kondo
Other Characters Zufan
Concurrent The Road To Ruin
Empires of Sand
Preceded by N/a
Followed by N/a

The Land of the Marozi is a story taking place hundreds of years before the effects of The Forges of Dawn. It will feature as part of The Road To Ruin.


Following the murder of King Kunya XVI, the three prides he ruled over fracture, blaming one another for his death. His son and prince, Kunya XVII, flees during the chaos and adds his blood to one of the three factions -- the Ukombe Pride, Ujiti Pride, or Kigae Pride. Each pride claims that it is they who hold the royal's blood, therefore them and theirs are the rightful rulers of the Black Mountains.

The plot centers around the adventures and doings of the young lyon Himarta who is unremarkable in many ways, yet proves to be the one who brings the long-fractured prides together as one again.

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