Hidden Lands -- North and South
The Polaris
The Dissidents
The Fanged Ones
Vulf Packs
The Yocotes
The Pumara
The Giants
The J'Gar Tribes

The Hidden Lands are what we would know as the westernmost part of the world, divided into an upper and lower section.


The PolarisEdit

  • Note: Polaris is the name for polar bears

The Polaris live to the extreme north and hardly bothered about anything to the south of themselves, but with the Dissidents harassing them and pushing into their territory, they are now willing to come out and do battle with everyone else.

The DissidentsEdit

  • This group is composed of Tigrisians and Lyons who fled the fighting in Shya by crossing over the ice and island chains loosely connecting both large landmasses. Unlike the felines they left behind, these Lyons and Tigrisians work together and have formed an alliance of sorts in order to face the dangers they face in the new world they have found. Because they are encroaching on other animals' territories, they are currently being hammered on nearly all fronts.

The Fanged OnesEdit

The Fanged Ones had been driven relentlessly northwards by the Giants, but with the appearance of the Dissidents, both species put aside their enmity to throw themselves on the interlopers. The Fanged Ones live in loose groups and hunt very large prey animals, specifically the Long-Haired Phuntars (wooly mammoths).

The Vulf PacksEdit

  • Note: Vulf is the name for wolves

The Vulfs do not exist in very great numbers are do not work well together (pack with pack), but were allowed to occupy a narrow strip of land that could serve as a buffer between the Giants and the Fanged Ones. Both sides could agree to leave each other alone because -- hey -- someone else owns that territory so we don't have to fight over it.

The YocotesEdit

Note: Yocote is the name for coyotes The Yocotes inhabit the arid desert regions of the continent, and tend to form bandit crews to steal and harass their neighbors. No one does much about this as the stupid deserts are just too hot and hard to deal with in order to MAYBE rack down them rascals.

The PumaraEdit

  • Note: Pumara is the name for pumas/cougars

The Pumara inhabit both north and south continents here, and have a love-hate relationship with the J'Gars. They switch off on being allies and foes, and have a tumultuous history. Pumaras tend to live alone and not form social connections, but that is beginning to change in the far norther, where they are being forced to band together in order to help the Fanged Ones fight against the Dissidents (who would eventually threaten them, if not stopped).

The GiantsEdit

  • Giant is the name for the american lion/giant jaguar

The Giants are a subspecies of Lyon, crossed over into the Hidden Lands long before Jyotis and co. existed. They are MUCH larger than Afriikan/Endian Lyons, but still lightly built. Their coats are rosetted, like a leopard/jaguar, and males do not wear mane -- they have only some shagginess about the shoulders of the same color as their overall pelt. They are bitterest enemies with the Fanged Ones, and do not much like the Pumara either. They are social beasts, and form large prides.

J'Gar TribesEdit

  • Note: J'Gar is the name for jaguars

The J'Gar are anti-social, and while they form colonies and tribes among their own kind as protection against enemies and each other, they don't much like one another and civil wars among them are common. When not being overly aggressive to themselves, the J'Gar build great temples and pyramids in the jungle and worship weird and monstrous-looking deities.

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