The Citadel is the capitol of the Sun Empire.



The Citadel is the residence area for the Imperials of the Sun Empire. It is where the monarch, their consort or queen, any princess or princess, and other family typically reside. The structure itself is made of stone which sits high in the air, and trees which created "rooms" about the rock face. It also has various corridors and staircases.

The Throne RoomEdit

The Throne Room is the hereditary quarters of the Sun Empire's Imperials. The Empress of Emperor owns this area and their firstborns are set to own it after them. It has a throne, carved from the stone, large enough for an adult Lyon to comfortably drift off in. The Throne Room also has a room behind it, a private chamber not even the Crown Prince can enter, for the Monarch and their partner.

Crown Heir ChambersEdit

The Crown Heir has their own chambers (referred to as the Crown Prince's Chambers or, if the case warrants it, the Crown Princess' Chambers) separate from any other heirs of the monarchs.

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