The Black Mountains are a claw-like mountainous landscape found in the center of Afriik, created by a long-forgotten magical war between two people, specifically two sorcerers called Anasa and Lazimisha. The Pale Ones took it over from the Marozi and now make their home there. Their herds and slaves also are kept here or in nearby areas.


The Throne RoomEdit

The Throne room is a large area within the mountains where the Ruling Lord or Lady resides. It has a throne made of obsidian and sleeping quarters within, but varies according to who occupies it. For instance, Vireka hung the flayed pelts of conquered enemies on the walls when he took the throne and throne room. Kudisan's ownership of it saw it quite bare, blank, and boring.

The Hall of TšatšiEdit

The Gathering area for Judges and the High Judge. These lyons come together here to decide important matters, such as marriage partners for higher up.

The AviaryEdit

The Aviary is presumably an area where the Pale Ones keep its Avian spies which serve as eyes in the sky.

Lady/Lord-in-Waiting ChambersEdit

Not officially named, but a room apart from the Throne Room where the young Lord or Ladies reside alone or with a sibling. This room is also filled with servants who presumably act as nannies for the children while their parents are away with their Lordly business.

Torture ChambersEdit

The Black Mountains features a torture chamber.

The PrisonsEdit

Beneath the stone of the Black Mountains, there is an expansive torture chamber. Prisoners and such are kept in these area. The torture chamber is likely a part of it.

The MinesEdit

The Black Mountains has a metal-rich mine that slaves are forced to work. They are worked until they are broken and useless, then gutted and fed to the Hounds.


  • The Marozi lived in the Land of the Black Mountains before there were ever black moutains. Around the death of their 16th King, two Sorcerers use their magics and summon the obsidian from the ground as they attempt to kill each other.
  • The Pale Ones are the next to inhabit the mountains, making use of the structure to create their own Kingdom. Here, they stored their armors, White Lords and Ladies ruled, and they terrorized the whole of Afriik.
  • The Red Queens -- more specifically the one, Uru, managed to usurp the throne from the Pale Ones after untold generations of them owning it.