"Ready" [Swahili]
Empires of Sand
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Close Kin
Unnamed Father
Omolara (mate)
Linje (daughter)

Tayari is one of the Sun Council and its youngest member -- he is only a bit older than Risku or Usodai. He only has offspring later in life, as he feared having any due to Emperor Usodai's persecution of Council members.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tayari is a darker, richer hue of gold than the lyons making up the main portion of the Sun Empire, which tend to be brighter golds, and is often looked down on for it despite his high position. His mane, in particular, is brownish red and his eyes are orange. The fringes of it part and are long, covering one of his eyes. His face is long, slender and his chin is scruffed to a point. Tayari has a brown nose and somewhat prominent cheekbones.


A playful and passionate lyon, Tayari is careless, worrying little about consequences, and quite dismissive. He is also somewhat vain, but devoted to anyone or thing he puts his time towards.



Not much older than either of the princes, many attribute his win to the admirable performance of his father, but guess he will be outed next go 'round. It is revealed he has a crush on Moswen, and this often influences his decisions whilst on the council. Ten times out of ten, he will side with whatever she comes up with. After her death, he becomes a suspect in her murder, Usodai figuring his unrequited love could've crystallized into hate leading him to poison her.

Tayari ultimately survives Usodai's wrath to have a mate and see his daughter born from her, but after what the emperor does to him -- exactly what being unclear -- he is never quite the same.

In Empires of SandEdit

He is seen only in flashbacks.

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