"Purity" "Cleanliness" [Swahili]
Character Sheets
Mending The Broken
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Tadj (mother)
Worotha (father)
Lemlem (half-sister)
Palesa (half-sister)
Piipi (sister)
Kikore (half-brother)
Oringo (half-brother)
Sheshe (half-sister)
Djai (half-sister)
Oliech (mate)
Olutobi (son)
Unnamed twins (children)

Takato is a lyonesse a part of Worotha's "tribe" and his firstborn child. Piipi is her twin. Despite her father wanting a son to inherit his lands, she ends up taking them.


Takato is a feirce lyonesse, protective of those she cares about and loyal to them like her mother before her. Despite her fierceness, she is also maternal and a brave individual.


Takato has strong features like her mother, but they are rounder like her fathers. She has a dorsal stripe and yellow eyes. Her fur leans more in her fathers direction, though the slightest dash of red can be spotted in its color. Her underbelly is a lighter color and her muzzle lacks color on her lower jaw. Her tail tuft is a pale, dusty reddish brown as are her eyebrows. Takato is a somewhat hard-used lyon, with two scars over her eye and down her cheek as well as another two on the side of her neck. One ear is also slightly torn.



Takato is Worotha's eldest child and twin to Piipi. She is the most serious and mature of the brood Worotha sires, and tends to be protective of her younger siblings. Her favorite is her little brother Kikore, and she holds no malice or ill-will towards him for being their father’s preferred heir, despite her being the oldest and her mother's machinations.

Sometimes Kikore gets embarrassed by the way she stands up for him and is always ready to defend him, but as he ages he takes less offense – he knows it just means Takato DOES love him a great deal, and after she stands up to some Judges for him, he appreciates her all the more. Even if she failed at what she was trying to do and instead ended up with some ugly scars for her trouble, she still dared to even TRY. She’s worth her weight in gold to her siblings, and it’s only when she asks that Kikore comes home to visit the family that he deigns to share space with their father.

Takato and two of her sisters later become mates to the same Lyon -- a Lyon who also happens to be the best friend of their younger brother, Oringo. It is Takato’s son who later accompanies Kikore on his mission to rally forces for Uhuru.

In addition to the son, Takato has at least two younger children (as mentioned in Mending the broken).

Surprisingly, due to... unforeseen unfortunate events in the family-pride's lives, Takato actually DOES end up inheriting their father's lands. She runs them with ruthless efficiency and holds no fear of Kikore's nemesis, Mimba: the two butt heads often, and if she thought she could get away with it, Takato would probably have killed Mimba long ago. If she'd had any inkling of what Mimba would try to DO to Kikore later on, Takato probably would have killed her anyway.

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