"Crown" [Swahili]
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Close Kin
Worotha (mate)
Takato (daughter)
Piipi (daughter)

Tadj is one of Worotha's mates and a part of his family-pride.


Tadj is a lyonesse with stocky features and creamy fur with the slightest reddish tinge to it. Her underbelly, muzzle, and eyeshades are all a lighter color of that fur. She has a dorsal stripe that starts on her head and ends at the beginning of her tail. Her nose is pink with a noticeable tinge of brown and her eyes are yellow.


Tadj is a somewhat vain lyonesse as well as a bitter and willful soul. She is both idealistic and depressive, but a loyal person in all.



Tadj is Worotha's first mate. She is ecstatic to have been chosen by Worotha, and goes into the relationship with starry eyes and high hoping dreams. Unfortunately, she only bears daughters to him and he sets her aside to see if he can get sons out of someone else. Tadj is obviously bitter after that move, but she stays with Worotha because she can't let go of his fortune -- so long as she is connected to him, she shares in his influence and power. Eventually they stop having much to do with one another besides share den space, and barely acknowledge each others' existence... they even talk about one another as if the other isn't even present. Tadj never stops flaunting that she is Worotha's mate, though, always rubbing it in to the ‘lessers’ that she is of higher station than they. She also has high expectations for her daughters and tries to make them 'show up' the boys.

When not trading veiled jabs with her mate or harassing her children, Tadj earns her keep by tending the large herb garden. She has a gift for making them grow lush and thick, and her plants are said to be the best in the Pale One lands.

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