Current Owner None
Past Owners Uru (briefly)
Status Destroyed

Tšatši's Skull is a remnant of the powerful sorcerer Tšatši.




As seen on the cover of Dawn

After Mōbōr's fall, both the black Lyon and Tšatši are confined to The Waste, the former because he simply blocked off from the rest of the world and the latter because he has no body to move with. However the SunFyre doesn't dispense true death and even though he is nothing but bones, Tšatši does not truly die.

Nor does Mōbōr.

The Forges of DawnEdit

In the third and final part of the The Forges of Dawn, Uru and her companions attempt to traverse the waste in search of an item Aloka says 'is white in color and core'. They do find it, after days of searching and running from the Guardians and their monstrous leader, Nirnasha. In order to control the undead army, Uru placed Tšatši's skull over her own head as a helmet of sorts and then leads her forces the Pale One holdings.

Uru faces down Vireka, Nirnasha -- revealed to be Mōbōr -- using the ColdFyre to destroy the skull and thus himself, ending both the Sunfyre and Coldfyre magics for good.

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