"Light", "Day" [Northern Sotho]
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Jyotis (father)
Lang'at (mother)
Mōbōr (brother)
Ancestor of The Pale Ones

Tšatši was the secondborn son of Jyotis and Lang'at. Like his older sibling, he inherited their mothers magical abilities. His blood would continue on into the Lords and Ladies of The Pale Ones.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tšatši was a white lyon. Nothing else about his appearance was ever revealed, though his skull fits comfortably over Uru's head. One could make a case that he was a very large lyon as she is a very large lyonesse.


Tšatši was a responsible and content ruler, never using his magic for ill and never developing the destructive thirst his brother did. An extremely selfless lyon who loved his people, he was willing to protect them from the wrath of his own flesh and blood: his brother. Later, he sacrifices himself to finally destroy Mōbōr's evil.


Before The Forges of DawnEdit

Tšatši was the second-born son of Jyotis and Lang'at, slated to be a simple lord of Afriik upon reaching adulthood. When he enters adolescence, he begins exhibiting magical abilities -- him and his brother -- and Lang'at takes it upon herself to teach her sons how to responsibly use their gift. While Tšatši heeds and listens to their mother's words, Mōbōr is greedy and turns violent, using his powers to make himself much more than a lord of Afriik. He takes his wrath outside the continent, to the lands beyond, while Tšatši stays home and protects his people from his brother's evils.

The two siblings eventually war with each other, evenly matched, until Mōbōr creates the ColdFyre and breaks the stalemate. Tšatši looks to lose this war, as his brother uses this terrible new magic to turn the tides of war to his favor, but then Araawa, one of many of the black emperor's children, uses her blood relation to her father and brings Tšatši the coldfyre, tired of the death and despair the black lyon has wrought. Based on it, the white lyon makes the SunFyre, and creates The Waste by searing the land connecting Endia and Afriik and ensuring none can pass it, littering it heavily with undead warriors known as Guardians.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Tšatši is still alive -- as the Sunfyre does not allow true death -- buried deep underneath sand as just a skull. He remains there for the majority of the book, until it's third part: Illumination. During the endless generations, he has made his peace with his brother Mōbōr, who is trapped there as well and slave to his whim as are all the guardians in the waste. However, Tšatši has no voice to command them, and so they continue killing and making more guardians even though there is no need anymore. Then Uru comes along, digging him up, and wearing his skull as a helmet, taking control of his armies and issuing an attack on the Black Mountains.

Tšatši finally dies as Mōbōr uses his Coldfyre to destroy his skull, thus ending his life, and the black lyons life in turn. The SunFyre dies along with him, freeing the Waste from it's magical grip.


Tšatši, along with his brother, was one of the most powerful magicians to ever live. He was capable of magic, inheriting a stronger version of the gift from his mother.