Tài Yang
Tài Yang
"Sun" [Chinese]
The Forges of Dawn
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Close Kin
Ming Huo (half-sister)
Yu Song (mate)

Tài Yang was a part of Yu Song's Pirates, and was his Second in rank and mate order.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tai Yang is an vibrant orange Tigrisa with lighter underparts and black stripes. Her eyes are bright green. She is plenty scarred up, with a tool belt that holds an jagged Iron blade. She is also decorated in Iron Armor.


Tai Yang is a ruthless sort, and her subordination to Yu Song has blips in it in that she's obsessive and possessive of him, willing to kill him and other people to have him to herself. Luckily for him, Yu Song is just as dangerous, likely moreso. She is a vicious, jealous and vain beast who immediately sees competition in Uru when the Captain brings her aboard, despite the fact Uru is a completely different species than either of them.

She is also bloodthirsty and power-hungry, though the latter is less overt.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Tai Yang and the rest of Yu Song's pirates lose their captain through unknown means, but they wait for him to reappear, likely at her behest. She is elated with his return, but immediately hateful and sour towards Uru for the rest of her stay. Only the promise of a vicious death at the paws of Hound Tarute and the order of her captain stays her paws. When the pirates arrive on Laksha Isles, she kills the dockmaster Talvar, slinking off to take care of 'business' with Yu Song.

Curiously and with no small amount of suspicion, Tai Yang wonders why Yu Song is being so friendly towards this Lyon. He explains to her about the Fyre stone bracelets and how they work, and she dotes on him, in love with his conniving mind. When Navya appears and lets the two know her charge has gone AWOL, they kill her and move to intercept her and her newest group mates, Modak and Ming Huo. Taking the knife from her belt, she throws it and kills Lochan, meaning to have killed Uru, but is killed herself by an enraged Tarute.