SunFyre was a Fyre created by Tšatši to stop his brother from taking over the world.



With the help of his neice Araawa, who steals away some of her father's Fyre, Tšatši ends the war by summoning down the wrath of the sun. This kills him, Mōbōr, scores of other animals, and creates The Waste and The Tempest.


The effects of SunFyre are similar to ColdFyre, particularly how it greys out and kills everything it touches. However, things that die do not truly die, but wander forever as the dead, patrolling and guarding the scorched land. After being struck by it, even the powerful and depraved Emperor Mōbōr was afraid to go near it whilst masquerading as Nirnasha, fearing a similar fate to his brother. The Guardians are, in a sense, immortal whilsts within The Waste as that is where the SunFyre magic resides and freezes time for them.


SunFyre was first used and brought down in a single strike directly from the sun, like a laser-focused beam. It was strong enough to mostly penetrate the armor of Coldfyre Mōbōr cloaked himself with, but not quite strong enough to incinerate the black Lyon completely.

It also comes in a form described as "liquid sunshine". It bubbles and roils, not unlike lava, albeit much more active. However, Uru notes the pools 'temperaments' are as varied as any individuals. This form resides underground, within the caves of the Waste, and is a stark and lively contrast to the gloomy and dead appearance of outside. Tendrils rise up from the pools, like fire, and are capable of grasping and pulling in a being.

However, those sharing Tšatši's blood it will not harm, but instead play and caress gently. Uru notes to touch of the SunFyre feels like laying out on a sunny day. Upon being asked, it obeys vocal commands. It can also be used to make armor, as Uru uses it to make her SunFyre Armor.