Author E. M. Kinsey
Cover artist None
Release Date Unknown
Pages 7 (not completed)
Protagonist None
Antagonist None
Other Characters Shi Kuai
Yu Song
Ling (mentioned)
Tan Xian (storied)
'Pard Princess (storied)
The Walking Ghost (storied)
Concurrent N/a
Preceded by N/a
Followed by N/a

Spellbound is an Iron Lyons comic giving a glimpse into the childhood of Yu Song.


Shi Kuai tells his son of a strawberry tiger named "The Golden Buccaneer" who saves a 'Pard princess and allegedly has four cubs with her before going on his own way. When the story is over, Yu Song tries to bypass his bed time by requesting another, but Shi Kuai tells him to bed down. In the process, Yu Song learns that the legendary "Masked Bandit" was his father's mother, thus his grandmother, but then he is to learn she is long dead.

And so, the cub goes on to form the first dark notions in his young brain.

Notes Edit

  • Kinsey clarifies in the description and comments on a few of the pages that it is impossible for tigers to impregnate leopards to produce live young, as female leopards' bodies are too small to carry tiger cubs to term. Therefore, the 'Pard Princess wouldn't have borne any cubs by the Buccaneer.


Content Warnings:

  • Minor Blood

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