"Did Not Find" [Tonga]
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Close Kin
Unnamed Father
Worotha (mate)
Lemlem (daughter)
Pasela (daughter)
Kikore (son)

Sibajene is one of Worotha's many wives and a part of his family-pride of herd lyons.


Sibajene is a somewhat dusky cream color, her underbelly a lighter shade. She is not so pale as Pale Ones usually come. Her face is all light scruff and sharp angles, particularly around her chin and muzzle. She has orange eyes, somewhat pointed ears and a pale dusky brown tail tuft.


Sibajene is a hopeful and dutiful lyonesse, quiet and obedient. She is optimistic and adoring, particularly of her mate Worotha.



Sibajene is Worotha's third mate, and one he takes offhandedly. She is the only child of one of his neighbors, and when she expresses interest in being a replacement for his two 'failures', Worotha flippantly agrees, as it will mean he will gain the lands of her father and thus add to his own holdings -- she IS the sole child there, after all. On her side, Sibajene is thrilled; she has known Worotha all her life, what with them living in comparably close proximity, and she has always had a sort of fancy for the Lyon. Her father isn't too keen on the marriage, as he sees how Worotha is about male heirs (something her father would have liked to pursue, were he rich enough to own more wives), and he does not much like the idea of his family's lands going to Worotha. However, her father is also pragmatic, and he knows their own line is not quite as pale colored as the Pale Ones like, and so her marriage to a much lighter male will at least tone their pelts down enough to not attract ugly attention one day from their Lords and Ladies. So the marriage is set and Sibajene comes to Worotha's side.

He of course dismisses her a lot and ignores her in his pursuit of getting another daughter from his second mate's family. Imagine his surprise when as he is welcoming his last mate into the family at last that Sibajene births forth EXACTLY what he has been seeking all along: a son. Suddenly, Sibajene is his very favorite of his wives, and he cannot lavish enough attention, adoration, or praise down upon her head. She is ecstatic with his sudden interest and clings to it as hard as she can, for it may be fleeting, but she secretly 'knew' they were truly meant to be. In her head, luck did not play a part at all.

Sibajene can always be seen at Worotha's side, holding onto an arm in passive possessiveness or tucked close to him. He never complains.

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