"Beauty" [Swahili]
Character Sheet
Close Kin
Worotha (father)
Kitoko (mother)
Oringo (brother),
Takato (half-sister),
Piipi (half-sister),
Djai (half-sister),
Palesa (half-sister),
Kikore (half-brother),
Lemlem (half-sister)

Sheshe is the youngest of Worotha's brood.


She is a pale color, near identical to her father and Kikore, with orange eyes and a messy ridge of fur on her head that spikes forward. Her features are fuller, like her father, though still slightly angular. Her paws are uncolored and her tail tuft is a light brown.


Sheshe is a very fiery and rebellious lyonesse, disobeying the rules even if they're common sense. She is also mouthy and insubordinate. What inspires this behavior is unclear, though it may be to place her apart from her host of siblings.



Sheshe is the very youngest of all Worotha's brood, and she is also the most headstrong and willful. Whether she just wants to stand out and be set apart from all her siblings or not, she is consonantly butting heads with her elders and disobeying even the most common sense rules. When she is a teen, she starts loudly decrying the Pale One rules and laws without regard for who might be listening. After she fails to heed his warnings about shooting her mouth off, Worotho finally expels her from the pride, publicly and very clearly disowns her; he won't have his entire family murdered (or worse) by the Judges just because one of his daughters won't quit flapping her lips. Yet even this drastic action won't curb Sheshe's contrary attitude -- if anything, it makes it worse -- and she eventually... disappears. Although they never see proof of it, the family believes she was finally taken by the Pale Ones and probably ended up as a Hound or slave. They mourn her loss, and quietly honor her on the days when the dead are remembered.

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