Sharkas are sharks in the Iron Lyons universe.


In Iron LyonsEdit

The are mentioned in The Forges of Dawn as vicious aquatic predators that sometimes follow sea-fairing folk and eat their catches or even them if they fall over the sides. Bambang in particular had friends eaten by Sharkas.

In RealityEdit

Sharks are marine predators, and perhaps the most well known of them. They comes in various sizes, with the Dwarf lanternshark being the smallest at 8 inches and the Whale Shark being the largest at 31 feet, the largest Whale Shark on record being 41 feet. Sharks are characterized by their cartilaginous skeletons and un-fused pectoral fins.

Their teeth aren't affixed to the jaw, rather embedded in the gums, and replaced all throughout the sharks life. They have multiple rows of teeth, the shape of which varies depending on what the shark eats. Some teeth are flat, for crushing, others needle-like, for gripping, or serrated, for cutting.

The skin of a shark is made of dermal denticles, which are essentially hard, teeth-like structures. They assist in swimming and conserving energy. Sharks can hear the sound of struggling prey from miles and smell their blood from even farther. The animal itself cannot vocalize - it has no organs to do so. They also have electroreceptive organs that can help them sense movement in water, even when prey has hidden itself.

Compared to other fish, sharks mature slowly, and produce a small number of well developed young instead of a large number of poorly developed offspring. Males use a clasper to mate with a female and embryos develop internally, birthed in egg cases. Sharks, however, are capable of asexual reproduction but it is very rare: only two incidents of parthenogenesis have been documented in female sharks and these are not well understood.

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