"Adversity/Trouble/Hardship", "Anger/Malice/Evil"
Vicious Circle
The Forges of Dawn

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Hotio (mate)

Shari is a minor character in "The Forges of Dawn". 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Shari is a light gold, lanky lioness with yellow eyes and a blonde tail tuft. Her nose is pink, and her underfur is a lighter shade than her main fur. Her face is usually twisted into a sour expression, and she wears the typical Afriikan bark armor.


Owed to her infertility, Shari is a very pessimistic lioness. She is sour in attitude, and it shows on her face, which is always twisted in some bitter expression. She is somewhat jealous of Hotio's two other mates, specifically their ability to bear children while she will never have her mate's cubs.



This be Shari, the first mate Hotio ever took. She is always dour and never smiles, and the pairing has lost all the appeal it once had, to the point where neither Lyon recalls WHY they ever became mates in the first place. But don't be too hard on her -- much of her anger and resentment and cutting words stems from the fact that she is sterile. She cannot have cubs, no matter how much she wants them or how hard or often she and Hotio tried for them. This is why he eventually took a second wife: to have children. The worst part is she still cares deeply for Hotio, even after everything, even if she would rather never see him again because of the pain she feels at not being able to make cubs with him. And she would never admit she wishes she was not so prideful so that she could at least act as mother to Uhuru and Oni, and even Aja, even if it's not true. She sits and stews instead.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Shari is briefly mentioned towards the beginning up the book when the pride returns from a hunt, and later again when the Hounds lay waste to their home. She meets Uhuru shortly after witnessing the carnage, trying to convince the younger lyonesse to stay behind with her and let their prides fates be what they will -- they cannot hope to help them -- but the red lyonesse angrily shoves her away to go on her own.

She is one of many victims of the ColdFyre when an impatient Vireka demands Oni be burned out of her hiding place, frozen solid forever as a result of the magic. Dasturi burns her paw on her frozen corpse.

Other RelationsEdit

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