Group Name Shard Sultanate
Residence Underground Cave City
Composition Lyons
Current Leader(s) Unknown
Past Leaders Unknown
Heir Unknown

The Shard Sultanate was a society of lyons situated underground in a Cave-like city. They make an appearance in The Road To Ruin, the King Slayers in particular.[1]


The Sultanate is ruled and dominated by lyonesses, opposite of the world above which is usually dominated and led by males. The females of the Sultanate are very misandric and despise males, likely in response to that. They also work to keep their pelts dark, and only come out of their subterranean homes when night has fallen. They are a rarely seen people by those who dwell on the surface.

Shard lyons monitor their surface kin and, when they deem it necessary, kill Monarchs or even entire prides.


These lyons are said to worship a dark goddess of death, instead of Jyotis or his son, Tšatši.


The Lyons here use scarring ritually, but unlike the Pale Ones, only criminals and troublemakers have scars. Lyons in fair or high standing do not.


Instead of calling themselves Queens or Empresses, the lyonesses leading the Sultanate are called Sultanas. It is unknown of the terms princess or prince exist in this society.


Males are hated and held in contempt within the Sultanate, generally relegated to the absolute bottom of the pecking order. They are useful as breeders, however the lyonesses aren't unaware of how life on the surface is usually centered around males. Though most are breeders or guards, some Shard males are sent above ground and used as spies and agents, including assassins, to survey and attack those dwelling on the surface. The credit for their hard work generally goes to their mother or whoever has taken charge of them.

Male Shard lyons are not allowed to call their mothers "mother", only by their names and/or whatever title they may have.[2]

Significant EventsEdit

There are no known significant events at this time, however the Shard lyonesses seem to be a extinct kingdom by the time of The Forges of Dawn.



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