"Master, Owner"
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Wosia (mother)
Unnamed Father
Mjane (mate)
Segolo (son)

Sahibu is the mate of Mjane, the red queen, and the father of Segolo.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sahibu is described in the book as having warm chocolate colors and great orange eyes. He is lyon of a larger persuasion.[1]


Not much can be said about his personality, since so little of him was revealed in the book, however he sacrifices himself for his mate and son, so one could say he was selfless.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Sahibu is present very briefly in the beginning of story, standing watch over his mate as she gives birth in a tight crevice below him. At the same time, The Pale Ones have descended on their home of Lord Kidane's orders, seeking Mjane out. When the hounds and pale ones get too near the two adult Lyons, Sahibu murmurs an apology to his mate and then leads the beasts away from her hiding place.

He is killed in the chase, but his death allows Mjane and the rest of the pride to live just a bit longer.


  1. Forges of Dawn, Page 9

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