"Prosperity" [Hausa]
Empires of Sand
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Xinavane (father)
Moswen (mother)
Usodai (brother)
Ayana (betrothed)

Risku is the oldest son of Xinavane and Moswen, and heir apparent prior to Usodai claiming that position.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Risku is a few shades paler than his father, with vibrant green eyes and a pale mane. His face is thin and angular. His mane is a few shades paler than his primary fur, shifted to the side but not quite falling over his eyes. He has a brown nose and scruffy chin.


Risku has all the makings of a great future emperor -- he is just and merciful, with honor and compassion and the same loyalty to his people that his mother has, though perhaps he is not as vicious about it.


Before Empires of SandEdit

Risku, as the firstborn of the royal pair, is set to be the future emperor of the empire. He looks to be a promising ruler, but when Moswen is assassinated, things get turned on their head, particularly when -- not wanting to convict and kill anyone innocent -- Risku decides to close to case. This earns him Usodai's ire and dissatisfaction which turns out to be deadly later on. Risku falls deathly ill alongside his brother, but only Usodai recovers and since it appears the heir-apparent will never properly recover, his title is passed on to Usodai.

He stays, or is perhaps is kept, on the brink of death for many painful years before finally dying.

In Empires of SandEdit

Risku is only seen in flashbacks.