Red Queens Comingsoon
Residence Afriik
Composition Lyonesses and Lyons
Current Red Queen(s)/"King"(s) Uru (Queen)
Oni (Queen)
Past Leaders
First Red Queen Araawa

Red Queen Zufan
Red "King" Okal
Red "King" Kontar
Red Queen Mjane
Red "King" Segolo
Red "King" Selwe
Red "King" Fanus
Red "King" Uhodari
Red "King" Morlai

Heir None

The Red Queens (and Red Kings), also called The Free Guardians, were a line of Lyons descended straight from Mōbōr's line.



Araawa was the first Red Queen, and all Red Queens/"Kings" after her are directly of her line. As time goes on, they began to lessen in number, so much so that it took the Pale Ones several generations to capture just one. Fanus speculates their line is cursed, as other lyons have several children and see them all into adulthood, while the Red Kings and Red Queens can only see one son or daughter grow up completely.

Like him, they were able to do magic, particularly the manipulation of the ColdFyre through Fyre Stones, however unlike him they never used that magic for evil, or thus far they haven't. As their name suggests, all Red Queens and "Kings" have been pelted some shade of red, the hue carrying some importance.

Following the capture of one of them, their blood has fused with The Pale Ones High Holy Lords and Ladies. The Royals of Endia, also descendants of the Black Lyon, share this magic; Blood Magic.

Red "Kings"Edit

The term "Red King" is a misnomer. The males of the line use the term for themselves, but there is no such beast; only females bear the actual title, down from Araawa. She was 'Queen', and thus no other can bear a title greater than hers.