Raboons are the evolved form of Baboons in the Iron Lyons Universe.


In Iron LyonsEdit

So far, Raboons have served as assassins in the Iron Lyons universe. One was responsible for the death of Moswen and another attempted to kill Usodai, but failed. In The Land of the Marozi, they compete with the three Marozi prides for dominance over the land.

In RealityEdit

Occasionally mistaken for mandrills, Baboons are old world monkeys. They are powerful animals, with long canines and close set eyes. Their fur is absent on the muzzle, which is long and dog-like, ranging from pale pink to ashen black. A baboons fur itself ranges from blond to dark brown.

Baboons are terrestrial animals, who subsist mostly on fruits and plants, but are ultimately omnivorous. Insects, sheep, goat, and small antelope are also part of their diet when they can be easily obtained, as well as other small monkeys. Baboons have orthographic skills, thus the potential to read.

Baboon mating depends on the group structure, will males of a higher standing being more successful. Males will also attempt to befriend a female, as females prefer friendlier males, to assure that any offspring she bares are in fact his. They do this by grooming her, bringing her food, and caring for any existing young she may have. However, some males are aggressive towards females to get what they want, up to and including taking any existing she has hostage.

Females baboons typically stay with one group their whole lives, while males leave before they mature sexually. A group of Baboons is called a troop.

Notable RaboonsEdit

  • Tanyolla attempted to assassinate Usodai, as another assassinated his mother before him.

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