Pumara are Pumas (or Cougars,Mountain Lions, and Catamounts) in the Iron Lyons Universe.


In Iron LyonsEdit

Pumaras in the Iron Lyons universe live in small family groups, raised solely by their mothers while males usually go off their own way. Pumara mothers can be as gentle and patient as any other, but it isn't uncommon for them to use cruelty and callousness to teach their children how to survive.

Young females are allowed to stay with the family unit, but young males must leave lest they become drunk on the scent of their mothers and sisters and try to breed with them. Males must learn the way of their fathers before them and learn how to survive and better control their instincts. When that has happened, only then can they return home. If a land is large enough, a mother Pumara may allow her daughters a small parcel of it. Incompetent children are throw out, left to fend for themselves, however.

They feature in Far, Far Away...

In RealityEdit

Pumas are the fourth largest big-cat, but despite their size, they are more closely related to domestic cats. They frequent the entirety of the Americas, but usually aren't the apex predator the region, yielding to Wolves and Bears. Slender and agile, they stand about 3 feet at the shoulder and are between 5 to 9 feet in length. Males average 130 pounds, while females average 90, though the largest they can weigh is 220 and 141 respectively. Colder climes see the largest of the species (so closer to the equator) while warmer ones see smaller Pumas.

Though about the size of a Leopard, Pumas cannot roar and are generally silent creatures. When they do vocalize, they tend to chirp, hiss, and whistle like a domestic cat. The coat of a Pumas is typically tawny, but can be silver-gray or reddish.

Female pumas reach sexual maturity between 1 and 3 years of age and average 1 litter of cubs ever two to three years. They gestate about 90 days and though usually polyamouros, may mate for life with one male. They have between one and six cubs, usually just two. Infant Pumas are spotted with light blue eyes and ringed tails. Their fur is very dark but grows paler as they age. A mother puma is deadly in the protection of her cubs and have been known to successfully fight off Black Bears in their defense, creatures that easy outweigh and dwarf them. Dependent on their mother the first three months of their lives, young cougars can hunt their own prey at six months of age. They move away at about two years of age, males leaving sooner than females. Cougars that live further away from the maternal range have a higher rate of mortality.

Pumas prey on everything from deer to rodents.

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