Pride Leader is a rank in the Iron Lyons Universe. They are present mostly in Afriik as the rest of the world is quite advanced in comparison.


Pride Leaders are lyons who live in and head traditional prides. They own small, family-sized plots of land that are by no means the size of a Kingdom. In some situations, they may not own land at all, and simply wander from place to place. Unlike with Noble Ranks, there doesn't seem to be much discrimination between male and female leaders in the position of leader. However, getting there as a female is more difficult as most fathers prefer their sons take their place.

The Pride Leaders word is generally law, but other members can and do protest this word. Family members have a better time of it. Should two or more leaders come to a disagreement they cannot settle with words, they do so with claws, and the loser either defers to the winner or is exiled.


  • Araawa was the founder and leader of a pride.
  • Wosia was the Leader of Mjane's Pride, a nomadic band of lyons with no set land.
  • Koto and Hotio were siblings and the leader of their pride before the Pale Ones struck, Hotio the more dominant of the two.
  • Iz and Sinivali are cousins, and the leader of their Barbari Lyon pride.
  • Fanus was the leader of his pride before it's members splintered.
  • Dukan led one of the three Marozi factions.
  • Shindano led one of the three Marozi factions.
  • Kondo led one of the three Marozi factions.

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