"Sound of a Horn" [Tonga]
Character Sheets
Close Kin
Worotha (father)
Tadj (mother)
Lemlem (half-sister)
Palesa (half-sister)
Takato (sister)
Kikore (half-brother)
Oringo (half-brother)
Sheshe (half-sister)
Djai (half-sister)

Piipi is the daughter of Worotha and his first mate, Tadj.


Piipi is a timid and shy lyonesse who hates being alone. She is a gentle soul, even getting along with the herdbeast the lyons eat and having to be elsewhere when they eventually go to slaughter.


Aside from her bright blue eyes an dusty brown tail tuft, Piipi greatly resembles her mother, having the reddish-cream coat if a bit paler and lacking the dorsal stripe.


Piipi is the second-oldest of Warutha's brood, and the twin to Takato. She is a worrywart and frets over every little thing. She can’t stand to be alone, and tags-along after everyone else just so she doesn’t have to be by herself – even if she hates the activity involved. She’s also something of a momma’s-girl and tries to do her best to always please and live up to Tadj's ideals for her. She can often be seen, puttering about after the older Lyonesse, helping out in the herb fields. She likes the herdsbeasts they keep and always has to go somewhere else when it is time to slaughter them; were it possible for a Lyon to be a vegetarian, Piipi would be.

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