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Jaramogi (brother)
Marwe (mate)
Uvukizo (daughter)

Pevua is the brother of Jaramogi and co-leader of their pride. He is a Lyon from the olden days and has a particularly vile appetite for young cubs.


Though both scruffy, Pevua was notably less groomed than his brother. They are quite similar in appearance, with pale greyish fur and two-toned brown manes, though Pevua's affects a more reddish undertone. Pevua has ratty ears and a scar above his lip and two on his shoulder. He has minty green eyes with a dark, reddish nose.


Pevua is a vile and perverse Lyon, turning his sexual appetites on cubs. He puts on a friendly, charming front to win their trust, then abuses them when he gets his paws on them. Otherwise, he seems quite stoic, emotionlessly commenting on the seemingly dead siblings of Kanai.


In Kanai's BeginningsEdit

He and his brother Jaramogi come to the rescue of three cubs: Kanai and his siblings. They kill the rogue threatening them, then adopt the three into the pride to raise them. While Jaramogi is fatherly, Pevua is a perverted and it isn't out of the question he may have gotten to Kanai with his perversions.

Eventually, Kanai leaves, but he returns with news of two cubs he's found: Tabus and Fuad. Pevua manages to find the pair and tries to bribe them out so that he may assault them, but when that doesn't work, he begins to physically dig them out of the hole they're hiding in.


  • Pevua was designed by PolarLiger and gifted to E. M. Kinsey
  • Pevua is a noncanon character.

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