Avg. Height 2-4" (shoulder)
4-6" (hind legs)
Avg. Weight 213 (females)
350 (males)
Lifespan ???
Familiar Name Panda

Panju is the Iron Lyons name for the panda species.



The Panda is native to south central China and in the ursine family. It's black and white fur distinguishes is from other bears and helps it blend in in the shady and snowy habitat it's native to.

Though carnivorous, the vast majority of the panda's food comes the bamboo around it. The meat is does eat is usually from carrion, though bird meat and rodents are among the things it will consume. They frequent mountain ranges and lowland and their fur keeps them warm in the coldest of climes. Pandas can live up to 30 years, the longest recorded lifespan being a female panda named Ming-Ming who lasted 34 years.

Pandas are solitary animals that spend most of their lives roaming and feeding. They have territories and define them by marking them with urine. While males can be tolerant, female pandas do not tolerate each other in their land. The breeding season is brief and the most social a panda will get, individuals seeking out those close in proximity to them to reproduce with. Females, after mating with a male, will raise any resulting cubs alone.

When it comes to activity during the day, Pandas are neither nocturnal, diurnal, or crepuscular -- they belong to their own category.

Pandas have the ability to climb and will take refuge in hollowed out trees or crevices in the rocks. However, they do no establish permanent homes within their territory. They don't hibernate and during that season, will move to warmer areas. They rely on spatial memory instead of visual memory.

Pandas are thought to be docile creatures, but will attack if provoked. These attacks are mainly out of irritation however, not true aggression. They are an endangered species in reality and reliant on conservation efforts to stay an extent species.

Iron LyonsEdit

The Panju have had past clashes with the Endian Empire and the Tigrisians appear to fashioning some alliance between the two.

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