"Flower" [Lesotho]
Character Sheets
Close Kin
Sibajene (mother)
Worotha (father)
Kikore (brother)
Lemlem (sister)
Takato (half-sister)
Piipi (half-sister)
Oringo (half-brother)
Sheshe (half-sister)
Djai (half-sister)
Oliech (mate)

Palesa is a Pale One and one of Kikore's many sisters.


Palesa is a richer colored Pale One like her mother, with rounded features and a small muzzle, the lower jaw devoid of secondary color. Her nose is brown and the fur on his chest is a bit unruly. Her tail tuft is dusky grayish brown.


Palesa is a cheerful and happy lyonesse, but quiet. She can be quiet clingy and isn't much a fan of brutality and violence. She is a loving creature.



Palesa is first-born of Sibajene's triplets, triplets being rare among Lyons. She is very loving to everyone and enjoys cuddling immensely. Easy-going, she gets along with the rest of the family easily -- sans Nzala, of course -- and she has no aversions to pulling her weight alongside everyone else. She adores her namesake and plants flowers in the back fields where her father cannot see them -- they are useless, in his eyes -- and through them learns about bees and pollination.

Everyone knows bees work on the plants and so on and so forth, but Palesa is perhaps the first to start KEEPING bees expressly for the purpose. If she makes homes for them ON their lands, well then they're right there ready to do their jobs, and they don't have to wait and hope for the insects to FIND their fields. Worotha isn't sure about them, as they do sting and do kill, but Palesa starts slipping him honey and the sweet bribe does its work: she can keep the bees so long as she keeps them on the far side of their holdings. She agrees eagerly and that's how she spends her time... either with her flowers or with her bees.

When she later mates to Oliech, he is much more open-minded and encourages her efforts. He sometimes even accompanies her to the hives she's built, but he keeps his distance; the bees tolerate her, but there's no guarantee they will much like HIM.

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