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Group Name Pale Ones
Composition Primarily Lyons, Goras (allies), Avians, Hynar (slaves), Tahras, ect.
Current Leader(s) Lady Uru & Consort Tarute
Past Leaders
Lord/Founder Tšatši & Unnamed Lady

Lord Thoofika & Lady Nikali, Ewedeka
Lady Afryea & Consort Icchati
Lord Ankrah & Lady Senai
Lady Nakirize & Consort Zuio
Lord Diram & Lady Chiwanda
Lord Sabetook & Lady Wonye
Lord Luam & Lady Miyoba
Unknown Lord/Lady & Lady/Consort
Unknown Lord/Lady & Lady/Consort
Unknown Lord/Lady & Lady/Consort
Unknown Lord/Lady & Lady/Consort
Unknown Lord/Lady & Lady/Consort
Lord Kidane & Lady Mjane, Makula
Lord Keita & Lady Theluji
Lady Kudisan & W.R. Overseer/Consort Okuthe
Lord Vireka

Heir Ari (deposed)

The Pale Ones were a large group of sophisticated lyons who created alliances with the Goras and subsisted off of the labor of various species of slave to be the most powerful pride in Afriik. Before it's fall, they lived at it's heart in the Black Mountains under the often cruel and merciless rule of a Lord or Lady of white fur.


The Pale One society includes all manner of animal, however the core of it lies in its lyons. The Lyons are ranked from how pale their pelts are, with especially pale lyons having more social and aesthetic value over those who are more darkly colored. Lyons that are too dark make up the absolute bottom rungs of society, as slaves, servants, or even feed for the Hounds. The Positions of power are usually occupied by white lyons and any number of offenses can lose a lyon their rights. Not being light enough is the biggest one, but not paying enough homage, making false claims without proof, not marrying the person you're told to, and not praying the right gods are some others. These laws are enforced by Judges.

Pale Ones look down on any lyon not originating from their land. In Escape it was revealed that they believe dark pelted lyons are barely lyons -- little better than Hynar actually --, that they all worship Mobor and eat each other. Males are believed to be particularly violent, forcing themselves on any female they can get their paws on.

Most of the important lyons live in the Black Mountains itself, such as the Pale Lady or Lord and their children. The forges, where the Lyons make the armor and weapons that afford them dominance over other lyons, are also here. These forges are tended to by the Goras, who use their dexterity to make the metalwork. The Lyons and Goras have an alliance, forced as it is. The Goras receiving safety for their young from 'Pards in return for their work and cooperation. They do not care much about the cruelty the Pale Ones heap onto other animals. Presumably, they are subservient -- if not all that loyal -- to the Lady or Lord as well, however they do not seem to have to take orders from the Head Guard, who is directly below the lord in Rank.

The less important civilian lyons live in the lands conquered by the Pale Ones under the eyes of a Territory Overseer. These lyons are usually farmers, raising herdbeast, herbs, or both on land own by their respective families. However, higher stationed families do exist in these areas, such as the family Djai goes to and the family Nzala and Kitoko come from. Each family has a head, usually a lyon as opposed to a lyonesse. These Patriarchs prefer male inheritors to their land over females, but sometimes this falls through, as seen with Takato and her family. These Matriarchs and Patriarchs call the shots within their family, determining who marries who, what goes where, who does what, ect. Paler Lyons have higher standing and value, as seen with Nzala and her family, while darker lyons could get in trouble with higher ups just for the shade of their pelts, as seen with Sibajene and her family. Families, particularly higher standing ones, care a great deal about their honor and issues can be raised over the matter.

Among farmers, having the largest and most prosperous plots of land is sign of wealth, as seen with Worotha, the wealthiest farmer of the land. Higher ups rarely bother with lower stationed lyons, and so commoners typically take mates from among their neighbors, marrying for allegiance, land annexation, or simple favor.

Known FamiliesEdit

The Holy FamilyEdit

Directly descended from the great white lyon of old, the Tšatši family are a long line of powerful magicians thousands of years old. They wield his magic and, after Mjane's Capture, the magics of his brother, Mōbōr. The Lady or Lord in particular wields the ColdFyre and owns The Black Crown.

Kitoko and Nzala's FamilyEdit

Kitoko and Nzala come from a family of particularly Pale and thus esteemed lyons. Their females are worth quite the sum to buy; even for Worotha, the most prosperous farmer in the land. Not much is known about them, but that they are very arrogant lyons.

Worotha's PrideEdit

Worotha's Pride -- now led by Takato -- is one of skilled farmers that raise both livestock and crops for food. Worotha, during his time, was the sole Patriarch and head of the family. He had two sons but due to tragedies and fallouts, it is ultimately his firstborn Takato who takes his lands and she runs them arguably better than he does himself.

Sibajene's PrideEdit

Sibajene's family is ruled by an unnamed male, presumably alone, like Worotha himself. Their family isn't as Pale colored as the Pale Ones would like and -- to avoid ugly business later on down the road -- he allows his daughter Sibajene to marry Worotha, who is far lighter than she is in pelt color. This means, though, all his lands will go to Worotha upon his death, something he isn't keen on, but he is a pragmatic male.

Facial ScarsEdit

The Pale Ones can determine the rank of an animal at a glance by looking at the scars on their faces. The only ones who don't have facial scars of any kind are the farmers who live around the Black Mountains but not in it. Scars fade and so -- provided a lyon maintains a certain rank -- have to scored into their faces again and again, on a regular basis. It is unknown if this is done with something to lessen the pain.


Pale Lady/LordEdit

These guys are highest on the totem pole. They both act and are considered holy by everyone else. The lady/lords in waiting share the markings of the current Lady or Lord, if not the power. A Young Lady/Lord receives their mark around 5 or 6 years of age, when their parents are more certain they will survive childhood. [1] When a lord/lady in waiting reaches adulthood, they must turn their predecessor into a Hound as tradition demands. They then use this hound as their own personal steed and inherit The Black Crown.


Once, this was the rank for the second-in-command of the Pale Ones. The general headed all the guards and even the Judges and did all the dirty business of running the place in the Lord or Lady's stead. Close confidant; trusted; respected. However, during the time of Lord Sabetook, something awful and ugly occurs involving general Jemadari which causes this title to be absolutely axed. At the point of time The Forges of Dawn takes place, it no longer exists.

High JudgeEdit

This rank has changed a bit over time for the Pales Ones as well. When the General still existed, there were several High Judges ranked below to do their duties, but now that the General position is no more, there is only a single High Judge at any one time. The High Judge is ranked just below the Pale Lord/Lady and their heirs, and is generally the last authority on anything. Any appeals or problems come through this rank, and they see to it that everyone else does their job. Not as much into punishment and trial aspect of 'Judging' now that the Generals are gone, but still preside over such when the need arises.

Territory OverseerEdit

Several of these exist, and they keep areas besides the Black Mountains in check for the Pale Lord/Lady. Prior to conquering the Red Queen, this position held little power at all, but with the increase in land following Mjane's capture, it holds a great deal of power. While the Lord/Lady and High Judge are away, the Overseers get to take their places as top dog and dole out misery.


Regular Judges are the peace-keepers in Pale One territories. They are judge, jury, and executioner and are feared by anyone of lower rank having to deal with them. Marginally under the authority of the Overseers, but their main allegiance is to the High Judge alone. Anyone has a problem or wants to report a crime, etc., they go to these guys.


There are several of these guys floating around, and they all have a fluid position with regards to rank. Depends on the Pale Lord/Lady of the time, generally -- if the ruler is very religious, this rank may top even the High Judge. If the ruler is not as concerned, they generally hold power below a normal Judge. Whatever the case, this caste concerns themselves with conducting ceremonies and rites, and providing spiritual counsel. They may also claim to be able to talk to Jyotis or his son and offer intercession on supplicants' behalves to them.

Guard CaptainEdit

There are three of these, but one often is favored over the others, purely on personal preferences of the ruler at the time. This position holds power over a segment of the guards and controls what they do. Like a mini-general, but only of their small piece of the power pie. Some get big egos from this little bit of power and lord it over everyone else, but usually they get slammed when they run into a Judge or worse.

Head Beast TamerEdit

Kind of self-explanatory in the title. This guy oversees the other beast tamers and basically is in charge of all hunts using them. If a Hound gets free and causes mayhem, it's the head Tamer's head on the block. All of the problems, and all of the blame. No one wants this job.


Basically grunts. They get weapons. They get training. They get mistreated by everyone else, and have to do boring or inane jobs no one else really wants. They are first into battle and the first to die. They get to say they are the first protectors of the realm, but no one respectable wants this job. Not a soul. Lyons can be forcibly drafted into this position and it is considered an "honor". Once saddled with this job, lyons can only leave through death or perhaps promotion to Guard Captain.

Beast TamerEdit

A totally thankless position. Beast Tamers clean Hound pens and feed them, repair and construct harnesses, and try not to get eaten by their charges. They do their best to 'train' certain Hounds to their command, and are expected to be able to control those particular beasts best of anyone. Expected to be ready at all times to bring a Hound to a rider.


There are healer lyons within the Pale Ones. It is unknown what type of mark they wear.[2]


There are lyons within the Pale One number very, very distantly related to the main royal line able to Divinate or see into the future with variable accuracy. Their mark is unknown.[3]

Personal ServantEdit

These guys are again fluid in power position -- the higher-ranked the official they serve, the higher-ranked they themselves are considered. If they work for someone at the level of scum, THEY are considered scum; if they serve the High Judge, they get a LOT of leeway from everyone else. Of course, they can be demoted in a heartbeat or killed for stepping outside their place, and sometimes the lines of what that 'place' is can be hard to find. A personal servant is expected to eat, sleep, and breathe for their master, and to obey his/her every whim without complaint. Their duty is to serve, and in return for the honor of almost sharing their master's rank, many DO come to be almost an extension of that master's will.


That's all these guys do -- relay messages -- and they get the blame for whatever message that happens to be. It's not their fault, but they get smack around regardless.


Right above the very bottom. Dead last in every poll. These lyons do all the cleaning and all food prep, all the dirty work, and they are treated like household furniture. They have no rights and no freedom, and are expected to like it. Servants can't say 'no', and certainly can't have an opinion. Servants are also not allowed to speak unless spoken to, and can't legally marry anyone -- or even have mates or kids unless given permission from a fairly high source.


This is the last stop for anyone living in the Pale One's lands and the point of no return. Anyone -- including a Lady or Lord -- can be demoted to this place, and this scar can cover up or 'replace' any other scar out there, all the way up to and including a High Judge's. No one is immune to this sentence, and it is never reversed. Slaves are worked to death, regardless of how grueling the job is or how unfit the slave is to do it. And if a slave physically cannot do a job, they are gutted and thrown aside. A slave's only worth lies in what can be squeezed out of them, and so they are ill-cared for and treated as badly as they can be without killing them. The moment they become more hassle than asset, they are destroyed.

Significant EventsEdit

The General-Lord ConflictEdit

Around the reign of Lord Sabetook and Lady Wonye, something happens that causes the position of general to be axed. The general during that time, called Jemadari, is technically the rightful lord as his father was Lord Ankrah's firstborn son, but his aunt Nakirize was placed on the throne before anyone was aware his mother had conceived him.

Hynar WarsEdit

In Escape, High Judge Oduor mentions that he and an old friend named Milandu were were brothers in arms during a feud with the Hynar clans. Why this feud started is unknown, however by the time Kamaria is an young adult and Kudisan a cub, it has ended and the Pale Ones no longer regard the clans as a significant threat, indicating they won whatever war occurred.

Campaign Against the Red QueensEdit

Under Orders from Kidane, the Pale Ones comb through Africa looking for the current Red Queen. They find her when she hands herself over, thus saving her pride and part of her blood for being solely in the Pale One's murderous paws, and her magics live on through her son, Segolo. Kidane's mate is lost in the process.

The Destruction of Uhuru's PrideEdit

Still on the hunt for Kamaria, a former pale one who fled while Lady Kudisan was still a cub, the Pale lyons find her ago some many years later when she has various adult grandsons and daughters to her name. For harboring her, Jesiza decides to drag her family back along with him. Hotio and Koto die during the hound attack and Liwaza dies on the way to the mountains, effectively destroying the pride.

The Red Queen vs. The High Holy LordEdit

With the Guardians at her back and Mōbōr at her side, Uru faces down Vireka for the second time, issuing a direct attack on the Black Mountains. She chases him to his quarters where he keeps his fyre, and destroys him with her own fyre when he seemingly kills Tarute. With his death comes her rise as the Lady of the Black Mountains, through usurpation.